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ask Awoke to do two things for you

I can recommend Awoke Hailu Bekele, of Safari Ethiopia Tours for a tour of any length . I have been on trips with Awoke in 2012 in 2019 to the north, the west, the east and deepest south with a small group of 2 and a bigger one of 4.

Awoke runs his own agency.
On both tours he has proven to be an experienced all round guide with an outstanding knowledge of Ethiopian wildlife. His knowledge of birds, birdlife and its distribution in Ethiopia is considerable. He is also quite well versed with the country’s cultural history. Often laced with humor he gives you many a good story from behind the wheel. Never a dull moment when on the road with Awoke.

Nevertheless, his chief concern appears to be and remains at all times : Safe transport.

He organises his own transport and provides you with well serviced, spacious 4×4 vehicles, which he knows inside out. I was impressed by the driving skills he demonstrated in many a potentially dangerous situation. I can recommend anyone to ask Awoke to combine two things for you :  Ask him to help you to prepare your tour AND ask him to be your guide as well.

He knows how to communicate efficiently from start to finish. He speaks and writes English fluently and, more importantly, he is true to his word.
This combination of tour operator AND tour guide has shown to be advantageous for both of us, for him and myself. It saves a lot of time and e.g. all our bookings of accommodation went without a hitch.  A next time I would not bother with inland flights and other services. I shall leave this to him.  He is easy to contact by mobile and email and his website can be a great help when making choices in a country that has so much to offer .

1 thought on “ask Awoke to do two things for you”

  1. I can only but confirm what is stated above. Awoke finds solutions for any question/problem regarding your trip; he is a man of his word, you can trust him
    100% ! He knows the country extremely well, and I personally think it is a big advantage to have a local guide/driver and book directly with him.
    We have wonderful memories about our trip in Ethiopia end 2018 ! Ethiopia is a very beautiful country with an interesting cultural heritage, as well as wonderful nature.
    Linda Claus, Belgium

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