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Abijata-Shalla National Park

The Abijata-Shalla National Park

The Abijata-Shalla National park is composed of two of the Great Rift Valley Lakes, Known as Abiyata and Shalla.

The park is absolutely a paradise for bird watchers. The park is originally created for protection of  the aquatic birds that live on the two lakes, Abiyata and Shalla.

The Park, 887 Sq.kms. wide, is wet land reserve bird sanctuary. Over 350 bird species reside here. The most common ones being , the great white pelicans, flamingos, Egyptian gees, Marabou storks, yellow billed storks, eagles, herons ,plovers  ibises and egrets. Vast number of endemic and exotic birds that migrates from Africa, Asia and different parts of the world wander here.

Islands of the deepest Lake in Ethiopia, Lake Shalla, are the continent’s most important breading colony of great white pelicans. The shore of this Lake is also a source of several sulphurous hot springs often used by the local people as a cure for ailments. One can enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding areas from selected vantage points.