About us

Safari Ethiopia Tours has been taking enthusiasts to Ethiopian’s history, culture, wildlife, scenery and geo-magical destinations since 2006, resulting in more than ten years of trips and trouble free holidays with satisfied clients.

Safari Ethiopia Tours Services relies upon a carefully selected number of tried and tested tourism professionals with at least ten years of experience in their respective lines of work.

Safari Ethiopia Tours operates in various ways and capacities. while providing the services of a tour guide, of transport by road or by air, of a hired car and other services required by our clients. We may enter into a contract with a provider of these services, we may act as an agent for the provider of these services and we may enter into such a contract through an agent. In special circumstances, when other tour operators need help in an emergency, Safari Ethiopia Tours happily provides these services for them as well.

Both for individuals and groups Safari Ethiopia Tours Services can provide a tailor-made package for a wide range of tours.

  • Photo safaris
  • Family safaris
  • Walking safaris
  • Wildlife- and bird watching tours
  • Excursions in and around Addis Ababa
  • Tours with a focus on cultural or religious events
  • Tours to tribal villages, their ceremonies and markets
  • Study tours of special interest e.g. ancient arts and architecture
  • Off-road camping safaris and adventure trips e.g. trekking in the Bale and Simien Mountains
  • Special arrangements for film makers, journalists, scientists and others wanting to explore Ethiopia in a professional capacity

All tailor-made tours are meticulously planned to afford optimum time for full appreciation of each location. Tailor-made itineraries can be offered as full service tours including all transport by road and air (domestic flights) , assistance of local representatives, meals, transfers, excursions, accommodation with private facilities, services of expert guides and reserve entrance fees.

On request Safari Ethiopia Tours  takes care of reservations of international flights and can facilitate car rental.

Safari Ethiopia Tours is legally registered by The Federal Ministry of Trade under license number MT/AA/04/337/29606/2006 as an Ethiopia based tour operator.

Safari Ethiopia Tours is owned and run by Awoke Hailu Kebele.

Awoke is convinced that he can only remain successful in his job as a tour operator if  he allows himself from time to time to keep in touch with his clients during a tour. So, don’t be surprised, if you find Awoke behind a steering wheel and leading your tour.