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The Surma, the Meinit, the Dizi, the Bench …

The Suri or Surma people in the south west of Ethiopia on the western bank of the Omo River are believed to be kinships of the Mursi tribes. The Surma people with their distinctive culture and customs are found in the Suri Woreda of Benchi- Maji Zone which is also the region where the Meints, the Dizis and the Benchs can be found.

This region, both south and south west of Ethiopia, following the bank of the Omo River from the upper to its lower course is the home of more than 45 ethnic tribes. And offers a unique and untouched cultures ceremonies, and life styles.

Generally the Omo Valley is a place where multitudes of people with different languages and customs are living by interlinking to each other. It is an easy task for a discerned traveler to recognize that there is a nation in every location and section of land who speaks its own exclusive language than the neighboring nation.