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Axum and Yeha


Axum is the most ancient capital of the country. From here the legendary queen of Sheba and her descendants ruled Ethiopia and directed the commerce of the land and trade across the red sea and Indian Ocean for two millennia until the tenth century AD. This city of ancient stele is also venerated as the spiritual center of Ethiopian orthodox Christianity whose roots dated back to the 4th century AD, if not earlier. According to the Ethiopian folklore’s, the Holy Ark of the Covenant which has been brought by Menelik I, son of Queen of Shaba and that of King Solomon of Israel is carefully kept here in Axum at the cathedral church of Saint Mary of Zion.

Yeha (the moon Temple of yeha).

The history of Yeha goes as far back as the kingdom of Dammat in the 7tht century BC.
Yeha is noted for its centuries old building believed to have been erected long before Christ.

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