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Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains National Park/BMNP

The Bale Mountains National Park, covering an area of about 2500 Sq. Kms, has the largest Afro-Alpine habitats in Africa.  The Bale Mountains National Park, , which was originally established for the purpose of safeguarding   the three endemic species of animals ; namely the Menelik’s Bushbuck, Mountain Nyala and Semien Fox, presents  visitors with the opportunities of horse trekking, on foot trekking, mountaineering and scenic driving in addition to the chance to view some of the endemic birds and mammals. Over 250 bird species have been recorded so far. These includes a number of endemic species such as wattled Ibis, Rouget’s Rail, Black winged lovebird, Blue winged goose, Yellow fronted parrot, Abyssinian long claw, spot breasted plover, black headed forest oriole and Abyssinian woodpecker. The vegetation feature of the  Bale Mountains National Park,  varies from the savannah of the lowland to the dense forest of trees, shrubs & herbs; from open wooded grasslands to moorlands with strange and exotic plants to explore.  The central area is a high plateau land known as, ‘Tullu Dimtu’, is the 2nd highest peak, 4377m above sea level next to Ras Dashen of the Simien Mountains National Park.

 A sample itinerary for the trip to the  Bale Mountains National Park via the Great Rift Valley Lakes

The Bale Mountains National park (BMNP) harbors unique and diverse Fauna and Flora. In its five vegetation zone; this area possesses many species that are endemic to Ethiopia. Geologically the Bale Mountains were formed from lava outpourings in the Miocene and Oligocene geological periods, between 38 and 7 million years ago. These trap lavas covered all underlying rock formations; this occurred prior to the formation of the great East African Rift valley.

Day 1. Drive from Addis to Wondo Genet

This is a drive via the great East African Rift Valley system and will have many stops on the way to see some of the Rift valley Lakes, different kind of birds, aquatic and terrestrial and to appreciate nature. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Wondogenet resort which is found at midst of a kind of rain forest area with a natural hot spring swimming pool with natural curative  power. Overnight stay at Wondo genet resort.

Day 2. Drive from Wondo genet to Bale Goba

Sightseeing includes visit of Dinsho, the Head quarter for Bale Mountains National Park. Dinsho and its surrounding have the highest density of large mammals in Ethiopia. Moreover; the animals are remarkably tamed and curious and it is a delight to walk in this small area. The massive Hagenia and Juniperus trees are the dominant one from Flora and The mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bush back, warthogs and Bohor reed backs from that of the Fauna in Bale mountains National Park. So many species of birds including the endemic Abyssinian Cat birds are found in this area. Overnight stay at Goba Wabishebele hotel.

Day 3. Day trip to the sanetti plateauVisit includes:

The magnificent view from the summit of Tullu Deemtu ( 4,377,the 2nd highest mountain in Ethiopia next to the Ras Dashen in the simien mountains) over the surrounding plateau and the tropical kind of forest stretching into the distance.-The alpine Lakes and its habitats mainly birds like the wattle cranes ,Egyptian goose, watled ibises lapwing, and so-Rodents, and the endemic Ethiopian wolves, the red fox are some of the habitats to be spotted in this trip .

Day 4. Day trip the Sof Umor cave

This River gorge is spectacular for its depth and for the regular limestone cliffs that shapes it. The caves were carved out of a limestone by the web river, which travels about 1.5 kms. underground although the river has changed its underground course over time. Now there are over 15Kms of passages.  

Day 5. Drive back to Addis AbabALate afternoon:

Sightseeing stop in one of the crater lakes in  Bishoftu/DebrezietAfterwards drive to Addis and stay the overnight at hotel of your own choice. 

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