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Ethiopian culture is multi-sided reflecting nothing but the ethnic diversity of the country. Among many traditional customs, hospitality and respect of elders can be taken as the integral part of all the ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is located in north eastern part of Africa, what is sometimes referred to as the “Horn of Africa.” It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Kenya in the South, Djibouti and Somalia in the east, South Sudan in south west and North Sudan in the west.

Ethiopia can be everyone’s first choice for a holiday in Africa particularly if diversification is to be considered. Diverse in culture, Nature and wildlife. Ethiopia is very different from its neighboring countries. The Ethiopian topography is best expressed as a complex combination of massive highlands, highly rugged terrain, and remarkable valleys divided by the Great Rift Valley running from southwest to northeast surrounded by lowlands, steppes, and semi-desert. This great topography diversity is responsible for wide variations in climate, soil, natural vegetation (wildlife), and settlement pattern. This great and Old Nation in Africa, Ethiopia has religion, literature, calendar, language and an art all of its own. Many national parks; The Simien Mountains National Park being one of the most spectacular mountain range in Africa and is an excellent place for a trekking holiday. The well-known historic route is a well-trodden route for visitors including Lalibela with its 13th century rock-hewn churches, Bahir Dar with the nearby Tississat Falls (also known as Blue Nile Falls) , Island monasteries and Lake Tana, Gondar with its medieval castle, so many medieval churches with their  medieval paintings . Axum, the ancient town of Ethiopia and   the alleged resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.. In the east is Harar which is considered the fourth most holy city by Muslims. . In the north-east is the Erta  Ale, and  Afar Depression, one of two places on Earth where a mid-ocean ridge can be studied on land. In the south of Ethiopia is the Omo Valley with  multitude of different tribes and cultures. This unique and diverse tribes which are point of attractions in the south are characterized by diverse cultures and traditions. Some out of many are the Stick fighting, Bull jumping, Evangadi and Art;   body scarification, painting and coloration; lip-platting and hair styles are the some of the activities a travel will experience on his/her trip to the south of Ethiopia, Sometimes named ‘Omo Valley’.

Ethiopia is endowed with rich and unique flora and fauna. Approximately 11% of the seven thousand plant species that are believed to occur in Ethiopia only exist in there. The fauna is also quite unique in that many, including large mammals such as Walia Ibex, Mountain nyala, Swaynes hurt beast, Menelik’s bush back, Wild ass, Gelada baboon, and Simien fox exist only in Ethiopia.

Ethnic groups in Ethiopia

Although Ethiopia has its own original habitat ethnic groups, Ethiopia has also many ethnic groups with native from south east Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, and Eritrea as well.
Argoba, Anuak, Neur, Majjanger, Bench, Dizi, Meinit, Surma, Nangatom, Afar, Amhara, Oromo, Zay, Somali, Basketo, Berta, Dasanach, Dawro, Doze, gedeo, Gamo, Irob, Tigre, Kunaama, Gumuz, Hadiya, Silte, Gurage, Hadiya, Hamer, Harari, Mali, Benishangul,  Konso, Tsemai. Benna. Ari, Mursi, Murle, Kambata, kwegu, Karo, Welayta, are among over 80 tribal groups of Ethiopia.
Each ethnic groups of Ethiopia has got its own language, culture, custom and tradition. However; Amharic, a Semitic in origin and written by means of Ge’ez scripts is the official language of Ethiopia. Ge’ez is the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox church, patron of Ethiopia since its inception.

Ethiopia has its own culture (, calendar, scripts, language, religion, food, clothing, drink, accent, music with its own rhythm, architecture, art, musical instruments, Literature).  Literature is One of the most significant parts of Ethiopian culture, which is signified primarily by its ancient language Ge’ez from which contemporary Amharic and Tigrigna languages are derived.

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