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Simien Mountains National Park

The Simien Mountains National Park

The Simien Mountains National Park, covering an area of about 230 sq.Kms, is located within the center of a triangle with the vertices being Gondar, Lalibela and Axum. The Semien Mountains National Park was established by law in1969 and a decade after it was designated a world natural heritage site by UNESCO. The reason was the simien Mountains’  unique landscapes and the rich biodiversity resources. The semien/simien Mountains national park  includes many summits which are over 4000 meters above sea level. Ras Dashen, 4620m, the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa is one of the summits in semien Mountains National park.

As an area of wonderful topographical features on “ the roof of Africa” with ample opportunities of trekking routes, mountain hiking, ecological studies, and  viewing life of the local people, travelers can make real safaris, particularly those experienced ones, would enjoy special adventures under tough conditions in semien mountains National Park. 

Within this spectacular splendor live the Walia (ABYSSINIAN) Ibex, simien red wolf and Gelada baboon all endemic to Ethiopia.

It will be deficient to talk about the Semien Mountains National Park without mentioning of the birds there. In addition to the chance of watching the endemic birds found in the semien Moutnains  park, the lammergeyer, augur buzzard, verreaux’s eagle, kestrel and falcon are the dominant bird species that can be spotted easily out of 180 bird species which have been recorded so far in this unique park.

Afro Alpine, savannah and heather are the characteristic features of the flora of the Simien Mountains National Park. The variety of flora in semien Park is as diverse as the range of habitats and altitudinal gradients. Varies species of forest trees, herbs and grasses are recorded in the park.

Highlight of the trekking routes in Simien Mountains National Park for your Holiday vacation by Safari Ethiopia Tour Operators .

Tour operators based in Ethiopia.

Once you are at the head quarter of the Simein Mountains National park in Debark, a discerned trekker can stick to the following trekking routes and or request for more customized ones.

Day 1. Walking from Buyit Ras to Sankaber for about 3 hrs. Start hiking at Buyit Ras (3230m) which is about half way between Debark (2800m) and Sankaber(3250m)..Overnight stay at Sankaber camp.  

Day 2. Trekking from Sankaber to Geech Overnight stay at Geech camp.  

Day 3. Trekking from Geech to Chennek  The major peaks you pass on the way between Geech (3600m) and Chennek ( 3620m) are Shayno sefer and Inatye (4070m).This is the wonderful site to watch  the Walia Ibex,  and Gelada baboons which are both endemic to Ethiopia. Overnight stay at Chennek camp.    

Day 4. Trekking from Chennenk to Ambiko  Climb up through the Bwahit peak (over 4200m) and proceed to  Ambiko Camp      

Day 5. Trekking from Ambiko to Ras Dashen back to Ambiko  Hiking to the summits of Ras Dashen the 4th highest Mountain in Africa.   

Day 6. Walking  from Ambiko  back to Chennek   

Day 7.  Drive Chenek to Gondar  Your car will pick you up from Chennek and proceed to Gondar for your next tour.