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Awash National Park

The Awash National Park

The semi-arid wood and savannah grassland, with a thin belt of dense reverie forest, Awash Park, covers an area of about 760 Sq.Kms.

The park is an extensive home for a large number and variety of wild life. Oryx, Caracal, Aardvark, Anubis & Hamadryad baboons, Colobus monkey, leopard, Bushbuck, lesser & greater kudus, Soemmering’s gazelle, cheetah, Crocodiles and Hippos are some of animals out of the 76 mammalian species known to exist in this park.

The park is a vital site for Ornithologists. The Awash Park is also famous for its hot springs surrounded by palm trees, the splendid water Falls of the Awash River, the spectacular landscapes and the scenic Awash River Valley.