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About Ethiopia

About Ethiopia

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Ethiopia a mosaic of people and cultures measures an area of about 1.2 sq kms. and is located in what is known as “Eastern ear of Africa.”

It is noted that till the 4th centaury AD, the two terms Abyssinia and Ethiopia have been used interchangeably. However; when the Axumit kings began to designate themselves as rulers of Ethiopia, the later came to have the regional focus that it has kept to this day.

Ethiopia is old beyond imagination. It is dotted with the remains of ancient civilizations. Its history goes back to the legendary history of queen of Sheba who went to Jerusalem to visit king Solomon of Israel from whom she gave birth to the child named Menelik, the first king of Ethiopia and the founder of the Solomonic dynasty, 1000 B.C.

The oldest man’s skeleton Lucy, and the recent discovery of the oldest known modern human fossil-Homo-Sapiens Idaltu, earliest stone tools, cave paintings, incised slabs of rocks and many other related findings jointly justify the country as the cradle of mankind and civilization.

The strong legend of Queen of Sheba, the moon temple of Yeha, the tombs, obelisks at Axum, cluster of rock hewn churches of Tigray and Lalibela, the castles ruins of Gondar all have a unique history to tell.
Ethiopia is a country of great contrasts. The country is naturally rich in intriguing landscapes endowed with rich biodiversity.

The wildlife is so diverse: Many birds and mammalian species are unique to Ethiopia and are not found elsewhere in Africa. The scenery is equally diverse beautiful, and simplified. The landscapes could be divided into highlands, lowlands, undulating plains, valleys and deserts areas which enables for the discerned traveler to choose his/her own scenery. In reality such a division is not so clear cut. Mountain ranges plunge to valley floors. Rivers, Lakes, Water falls abound forest give way to savanna grass lands merge into deserts.

This great old nation, Ethiopia has culturally hospitable, traditionally sensitive, intrinsically religious people.

Ethiopia with its diverse environment long history and Mosaic of culture has kept its past alive in the form of attractive relics monuments and ruins built up long ago.

Therefore; a safari in this, unique land, Ethiopia means meeting a chance to have a partial view of the remote (ancient) world.

Safari Ethiopia Tours is highly proud of to engaged in travel trade businesses having this great nation as a destination.