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Gondar, one of the largest cities in Ethiopians not only developing into modern progressive town, but also it is still full of historical tradition and landmarks. Gondar and its surrounding are most representative of the medieval culture of Ethiopia.

It was king Fasil/Fasiledes/ in the 17th  century who succeeded in making Gondar a strong power for administration of the whole country, a center of commerce, and a focus of culture, music, poetry, paintings, and manuscript writings. Since then Gondar was the capital city of Ethiopia for about 250 years.

Gondar, lying at an elevation of about 2300m above sea level,  is surrounded by mountains on three sides. To the south of the town of Gondar lies the fertile Dembia plain which extends 65 km. towards lake Tana.

This historical and graceful city, Gondar that has been called ‘African Camelot’, is known for its amazing Ethiopian Orthodox churches and castles of the medieval emperors. These renowned castles of in Gondar are of the destinations in the historic route has got the status of the world heritage site by UNESCO.

Like the other historic routes destination of Ethiopia, Gondar can be visited through out the year although January is the best season to inspect and approve of the colorful celebrations of Ethiopian Epiphany.