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Tour 09 : Trekking the Simien Mountains

Duration: 13 days

Day 1: Arrival in Addis, city tour

Day 2: Flight to Gondar, city tour of the medieval town, Gondar, its castles and churches.

Day 3: Drive to Sankaber via the Head quarter, Debark, overnight stay, camping at Sankaber camping site.

Day 4: Trek from Sankaber to Geech.  Camping at Geech camping site.

Day 5: Trek from Geech to Mount Imetgogo, Overnight back to base camp at Geetch.

Day 6: Trek from Geetch to Chenek. Camping at Chenek camping site.

Day 7: Chenek to Ambiquo. Camping at Ambiquo camping site.

Day 8:  From Ambiquo climb to Ras Dashen, and walk back to the base camp, Ambiquo.

Day 9: Ambiquo to Alquso. Camping at designated camping site.

Day 10: Alquso to Abergina. Camping at designated camping site.

Day 11: Abergina to Michibi. Camping at the camping site.

Day 12: Michibi to Debark, End up, drive to Gondar, overnight stay a hotel in Gondar.

Day 13: Fly back to Addis, departure.

NB. Trekking routes can be shorter or extended with the history tours to Axum, and Lalibela.

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