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Highly recommended

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Ethiopia is so expensive to rent a car, with very stingy kilometers included, that you”ll see little but the Capital on your own. The Capital is fine for a few days, but Ethiopia has much more.
That’s why I chose to use a tour company instead and found online very favorable reviews on SafariEthiopiaTours. Ewoke was very prompt answering my e-mails as we went back and forth on my choosing destinations in the country that matched my interests. He knows his stuff not only about his country but how long it takes to travel and see things.
So we compromised because of my limited time and interests that would have taken more than a week to see.
Well the trip timing went well, Ewoke was my personal guide, his love for his country really showed. He also is a very avid bird watcher; binoculars and bird identity book are used during the game drives.
Ethiopia is not the best place to see the “big five” Lions, etc. but it’s great for many mid-sized mammals and birds. I also saw herds of baboons, camels, and even a crocodile in the wild.
Out of the Capital where there is no holiday Inn with a mint on the pillow. Was placed in the best hotel available in each town, and good food. You will see much poverty and get a sampling of the third world and a taste of the real Africa.
On the road to Harar the scenery was as breathtaking as in South Island New Zealand.
Highly recommended