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Equally, his knowledge of tribal and cultural life, and conflict

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It has been my considerable pleasure and privilege to enjoy two visits to Ethiopia. On both occasions, Awoke Hailu Bekele of Safari Ethiopia Tours provided guidance, excellent company, and enduring friendship. The principal purpose of my first visit was to enjoy and to embrace Ethiopia’s huge diversity of wildlife, landscape, and environment, to which purpose we traversed highland, wetland, desert, and forest. My second, and more recent visit enjoyed a much more cultural objective, which took us to Ethiopia’s southlands, and into the South Omo Valley region. This ten-day tour permitted visitation and intimate contact and communication with seven tribal communities, and a rare insight into remote and rural life. Both journeys were hugely enhanced by Awoke’s intimate knowledge of Ethiopia’s wildlife. Equally, his knowledge of tribal and cultural life, and conflict, prepared us well for our community visits.

Awoke is an enormously friendly man, a splendid and knowledgeable companion, and one who truly shares every day and every moment. He will be my first point of contact should it become my pleasure to visit Ethiopia again.